How to enter a Bond Future

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First step is to register the underlying Bond in Bond Definition

The begin and end date for the underlying Bond registered in Bond Definition affects the calculations of Days to final maturity (DTFM) Days to Maturity (DTM) and  Fixed interest term. 

Second step is to register the actual Future, that can be done either straight from the Bond Definition, by pressing New Deal

Or go to New Deal/Bond Future.

Register the future

Deal date and Begin date are the dates that the future has been bought.

Expiration date will be filled out from the bond definition and will be set to the Bond Begin date. Daily settlement will be possible up until this date.

The expiration settlement date is the date when the underlying bond would be delivered if the future contract is not closed beforehand. This date is only for information.

The three amount fields are connected, fill in two of the fields and the third will be calculated. Lot times Lot size is equal to the amount

In the Other section, are optional fields to fill out, Tick size and Margin Deposit fields are only for information. Redemption price is used to calculated Market value, if not set the price 100 is used in the calculations.

Price Bond Future

In deal action and Bond Future Prices the daily/current Price can be manually set and the daily gain/loss will be calculated. Accounting and payments will be created for all priced transactions.

It is also possible to import prices from market provider and set up an activity in the autopilot to price the Bond Future automatically.

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