Interest Rate Export

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Start > Integrations

First, you need to create a new Plugin Setup.

Use the "+"-sign to create a new Integration. Choose plugin "Interest rates flat file Exporter".

Set the "from date" and "to date" that you want to export rates for. 

Select the specific interest rates in Market Data Definitions. Note the rates should be comma separated. 

 Choose the tenors you need (Periods), the format settings (delimiters, if headers should be exported etc) and file name.

Note; 'Culture' is country specific formatting, that can be selected in this field.

In tab "Mappings", simply set the value of each column in the output file using the Expression editor.

This can be tailored to any specific needs. For example:

Then press "Run" to execute the file creation. 

The file will be written to our File storage where Treasury Systems will set up automatic file transfer to client specific locations.

The interest rate export can be done manually or set up as an scheduled activity. Activity Setup

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