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Fix interest rates. Manually or automatically, single Interest Transactions or in batches. 


Fixing Report 

The Fixing Report is a Customisable System Report, which means that it has its own Selections, Columns and Settings that can be changed by the user. Some of its columns are forced when shown in the Fixing view. 

Use check boxes on the leftmost column in the report to select Interest Transactions for further action, explained below. 

Auto Select

Selects all transactions that are suitable for fixing. 

A Auto Fix

Fix interest from automatically selected rate register. If applicable, you may select a Spread - Or keep current Spread (Alternatively different spread depending on Asset or Liability).

Manual Fix

Manual Interest Rates Fix, choose the rate table in the drop down list. Choose if you would like to keep current spread or type in a new one. Also, if you would like a particular rate identifier, you can choose this here.

Set Fixed

Set fixing status to fixed by using the current rates on each deal.

Manual Rates 

To enter the rate manually, the user can edit the Base Interest and Spread rate columns. Edited unsaved cells will show up with green backgrounds. 

Fixing Status 

The Fixing Status column shows if the Interest Transaction can be fixed. If Missing, then possible to do automatic fixing from market data. If Manual, then not possible to do automatic fixing from market data, manual entering of fixing rate is needed.

Your interest fixings can also be scheduled in Autopilot for automatic fixing.

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