Target balance (create bank acc transf and FX deal)

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It is possible in TS to set up rules for a target balance on bank accounts and automatically create a bank account transfer or FX deal to get the bank balance decided in the rule. It is possible to create both an internal FX deal or upload a suggestion to a trading station to create the external FX deal. This could be used to transfer cash to a bank account with higher interest or topup a bank account with negative balance to avoid interest. This can also be used to automatically transfer all cash in foreign exchange currency to local currency to decrease currency exposure.

Target balance rules

Set up the target balance rules

  1. Create new rule.
  2. Select the target account or accounts that should get the balance entered in target balance.
  3. Target balance per account: Enter an amount in target balance.
  4. To/from Account: If the target account does not have the balance entered in target balance which to/from account should the funds be sent or received from? 
  5. If the target account and To/From account is in different currencies choose deal type FX. 
  6. Choose if the target balance is based on booked or available balance.
  7. Create deal status: If new, the suggestion needs to be approved. To create the bank transfer or FX deal automatically choose approved.
  8. Choose if only an internal deal request should be created or if an external FX deal suggestion should be created and sent to a trading station for execution.
  9. Condition expression: possible to enter max or min amount. 

Deal suggestion

  1. In deal suggestion click on create target balance or schedule the activity automatically in the autopilot. 
  2. Deal suggestion will be created based on the target balance rules. 
  3. Approve the suggestion (if not set to be approved directly)
    Internal FX request
  4. Click Icon create internal deal if a internal deal should be created or schedule the activity create internal deal in the autopilot.
  5. The internal deal will be created and priced according to the FX request rules.
    Create external FX suggestion
  6. Upload the FX suggestion to a trading station or schedule the activity in the autopilot. The suggestion will get status exported
  7. FX deal is import from trading station the Deal suggestion will change status to Completed. 

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