Import of Bank acc transactions/adjustments in CSV format

Created by Erik Akerlund, Modified on Fri, 24 Mar 2023 at 04:40 PM by Elin Stenrud

This integration can be used to import bank acc transaction for currency exposure or automatic accounting on events on a real bank account or In house bank account.

To set up the integration :

  1. Open Integration and add a new BankaccoutCSVDealImporter 
  2. Give the new integration a name and description
  3. In setting select decimal delimiter and ad delimiter usually ; for CSV import
  4. In tab mapping do the set up of all files Legalentity, Counterpart and tags
  5. Choose Transfer as Ty

To run the import click Run from file and select the CSV file you want to import

Click refresh and look in tab history to see if the import was successfully and what different deal IDs was received-

Mandatory fields

Legal entity 


Payment date



If bank acc adjustments will be imported alse

Optional fields

Deal date: if not included in file it will be set to same as value date

Tags: Optional

FX spot rate at value date: If not included in file it will be set to the FX rate applicable on value date. 

Currencypair only needed if FX spot rate will be included. 

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