How to register a Commercial paper

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Commercial Paper 

In new deal commercial paper can be entered. 

  1. New deal /Commercial Paper
  2. Choose if you are a Issuer or Investor of the paper.
  3. Enter the legal entity
  4. If you are Issuer choose the broker in counterpart (broker)  field. This will be shown in reports in the column counterpart.  The Counterpart (IPA)  is the counterpart that the money transfer will be made with. In reports it will be shown in Counterpart ( payee) If you are Investor the Counterpart (Issuer) is whom issued the paper, i.e. the risk counterpart. And the field counterpart (Broker)  is the counterpart whom will receive the money. 
  5. Enter the name for the paper, ISIN and select valuation type, Price or Yield.
    Note! ISIN will be used for market data mapping (in Security prices) if Market valuation type is Price.
  6. Enter deal date when the deal is made. 
  7. Enter Begin date, when the deal starts and End date when the deal matures.
  8. Enter Currency and face amount for example EUR10M for EUR10 000 000 
  9. If Yield = Enter interest and spread.  If Price = enter either the price or interest.
    Enter the day convention applied.  
  10. Next tab Bankaccounts will be field in automatically
  11. The tab Advanced you could add an additional bank calendar  (other than the one stipulated by the currency)
  12. In the Transaction tab you can view the transactions created from your registration. 
  13. Press save (Ctrl +S)

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