Private Placement (Bonds)

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The Bonde type Private placement Makes it possible to have an owner register for the different investors and keep track on all historical changes and create coupon payment to each investor. All realised and unrealised accounting will only be for the total Private placement Bond not for each investor. 


First step is to add the investors in Master Data, Select Company Usage: Private Placement in order to show the investor in the drop-down list. 

The email address needs to be filled in, if the investors should be emailed a distribution report on payment advice. 

Fill in the bank account that will receive the payment.

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Next step is to enter the Bond in Bond definition. When Bond type Private Placement is chosen the tab Register of investors are shown.

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In Register of investors the total program amount is shown at the top.

In the drop-down list Investors all the investors are shown.  The bank accounts that are registered are shown in the Drop-down list of Bank Account. From date is the date that the investor bought their share. To date should only be filled in when the investor has sold their share otherwise leave blank. 


Serial number is the specific number for that transaction. 

Payment reference, click and a popup is shown. Enter the specific payment reference (max 140 signs). Note, if the same investor has invested in more than one Private placement and the payment should be netted the same payment reference needs to be added. 


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By default, a filter is set in the view Register of investors. If unticked all history will be shown.

So in the picture (row1) Investor 2 sold 5 MUSD with the serial no a2 at  2023 03 09 

Investor 1 bought 4 MUSD 230309 with serial no b2 and investor 2 bought 1 MUSD with serial no b3


So a2 has been splitted up to b2 and b3.

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