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It is possible to set up file transfers to and from Treasury Systems to/from SFTP's that you chooses. This will shorten the chain and make a more robust solution and gives you better control of the process.

First step is to set up the credentials. In order to do that you need to to have the information regarding the host name of the SFTP and if you should use password or keys.  This information you will typically get from your IT department.

We support authentication with password, keys or both.

Second step is to use the credentials in the activity and then it is ready.

Our recommendation is that you use yore own SFTP and identify with keys and use fingerprint to verify the SFTP identity. 

A connection to TS SFTP is included by default if you wish to use that.

The following permissions are needed:

Read Credentials, Modify secrets

1. Set up credentials 

Go to Settings/ Credentials

 Set up is done in the tab 'External Endpoints'

At the top you see the information regarding Our Outbound Address and IP address that your IT department might need to whitelist. Our recommendation is to whitelist the outbound address.

The first row is the credentials for Treasury Systems' SFTP that you can use, if you for some reason do not want to use your own. The Treasury Systems SFTP is not editable.

To add your SFTP use the + sign

Give it a name and a description (not mandatory)

Fill in the User name and Hostname provided from your IT department 

RSA is defaulted as key but ECDSA and Ed25519 is also supported. Please check with your IT what they prefer and what type of keys they can support.

Port 22 is used as default.

It is also possible to select specific folder on the SFTP.

If you would like to only use Password press the 'Set Password' button and enter the password

NOTE! for the green 'OK' button to light up you need to tab away from the password field.

Save and press the 'Check Connection' button to see that the connection works.

When checking the connection you will see the fingerprint of the SFTP that TS is connecting to. We recommend that you specify the fingerprint in the fingerprint column to ensure a safe connection.

If you would like to use keys as authentication there two choices. You could either import a private key generated from else where (PuttYGen etc.) or generate the key pair from within Treasury Systems.

To import a Private Key just click on the 'Import Private Key' button. 

Please note that Treasury Systems currently only supports importing private keys in PEM-format.

Use drag and drop or click to get to the folder structure.

If you would like to generate the key pair from Treasury Systems press 'Generate Keys' and 'OK'.

The keys will be saved and stored in Treasury Systems and only the public key is exportable. 

Press 'Export Public Key', choose the type 'OpenSSH' or 'SSH2'

Save the public key in a folder and then send it to your IT.

Please remember to Check the Connection to make sure that the connection is valid.

To use credentials in activities see article Autopilot - Activities 

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