Integration with FXall Settlement center

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A meeting with FXall needs to be set up before this integration can be finalised since they need to make some preparations on their end. 

The integration we use is "QuickConnect" and should be set up on our SFTP with fixed IP adress (FXall open the firewall based on selected IP adress). 


FXall will only send a message to us if the deal is matched. If the deal is not matched, it will remain in 'Confirm'-view with status Sent for matching and you need to log in to FXall settlement center to find out why the deal was not matched. 


  1. All deals made in FXall will automatically be sent to FXall settlement center
  2. No deal made in FXall will automatically be sent. When a deal is made in FXall it will be imported in TS. TS will run the deal matching rules and send all deals made to FXsettlement center. 

TS prefers number 2 above because then all deals made by other channels such as chatt or phone can be matched automatically in FXall settlement center and not only deals made in the trading platform. FXall per default always set up option 1, instruct them to change to option 2.

Configuration in the TS service


Go to Autopilot/Integrations.

FxAll Settlement Center Export

  1. Add a new integration and select the FxAllSettlementCenterExporter plugin
  2. Give the integration a name
  3. Go to Tab Settings and enter a file name, e.g. FxAll_SC_{yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss}.xml

  4. Go to Tab Mappings and map all Legal entities and Counterparties that need to be sent for matching

FXall Settlement Center Import

  1. Add new Action and select FXall Settlement Center Import plugin
  2. No settings are needed


Go to Autopilot/Activites.

Set up two activities to run deal matching export/import every 15 minutes, Note - do NOT select the same time for the two activities!

Matching Rules

Matching Rules need to be configured to give the deals - manually entered or imported - the status To Be Sent.

Select your criteria for deal matching through FXall Settlement Center. For example FX, FX swap and External. All deals with status To Be Sent will be sent to FXall Settlement Center and the Deal matching status will change to Sent for matching.

Confirm-view in TS

Deals with status "To be sent" can not be Confirmed manually in TS. The deals will be Confirmed after a successful FXall Deal import.

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