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It is possible to send FX deals and short-term loans to Finastra for automatic matching. TS will receive the information if the deal has been matched in Finastra and TS will then update the deal's matching status to "Matched" and the deal's status to "Confirmed". 

This integration can replace the back office function to check that the deals are correct and manually confirm them.

A meeting with Finastra needs to be set up to finalise this set up. Our integration is using the Finastra API.

URL and API credentials  is needed from Finastra to finalise the integration set up.

Generate Certificate

  1. Go to Settings/Credentials in TS.
  2. Generate a certificate (click on the link for further instructions on how to generate a certificate).
  3. Export the certificate to your computer.
  4. Go to the CMS API in Finastra and upload the certificate.
  5. In the pop-up window, you will see the API key that must be entered in TS.
  6. Open Settings/Credentials in TS.
  7. Add the new Credential Finastra API Key.
  8. Click on password in Login and enter Finastra API Key (could be any name, the important is API key in password) and in password enter the API key received from Finastra. 

Note: The permission 'Modity Secrets' is needed to perform creation of a new Credential.

Set up Integration Finastra export

  1. Go to Autopilot/Integrations
  2. Create new by clicking + sign
  3. Select Finastra exporter
  4. Enter a name (Finastra export), a description and click Save 
  5. In TAB settings enter the URL and API Key received from Finastra. API key is also shown in Finastra TAB CMS API
  6. In field certificate select the certificate generated above. 
  7. Select the Log checkbox
  8. Click Apply
  9. In TAB mappings mapp the Legal entity to a Swift code (can be found in Finastra) and all counterparties needs to be mapped to a swift code.  
  10. Click Save

Set up Integration Finastra import

  • Go to Autopilot/Integrations
  • Create new by clicking + sign
  • Select Finastra importer
  • Enter a name (Finastra import), a description and click Save
  • In TAB settings, enter the URL and API Key received from Finastra. API key is also shown in Finastra TAB CMS API
  • In field certificate select the certificate generated above. 
  • Select the Log checkbox
  • Range type select ModifiedSinceLastCall  (looks att deals that has been changed since last time) the alternative Modify date looks at all deals since from Date.
  • From date: enter the date TS should start to import and Match deals
  • Financial status select Matched
  • Detail level: status only
  • Click Apply


Open Activities and set up activity for both the Finastra export and Finastra import every 10 minutes. Do not run the export and import activites at the same time. The activites must run 5 minutes apart.

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