Create BAT from Reconciliation view

Created by Maria Appelquist, Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 11:45 AM by Anna Norfjell

When reconciliation of bank account is preformed sometimes you have a difference and need to create a Bank account adjustment or transfer in Treasury Systems to make the account reconciled. 

"Create BAT" function contains two alternatives, create an adjustment (default) or create a transfer. The main difference between these two is that adjustment does not include choice of counterparty, while choice of transfer does and will include counterparty information into accounting exported from TS. 

Below is an example to show how transfer works (adjustment is similar but with addition of counterpart to to be set).


Tick the transactions included in the adjustment on both sides (unmatched payments and entries). Then the ICON Create BAT becomes visible and available for use. 

When you press the button "Create BAT" you will get a pop up where adjustment is set as default. You can easily change to a transfer by sliding the "button" from adjustment to transfer. 

Everything is already prefilled except for Tags (and counterparty if You choose to make a transfer)

NOTE!  If You choose to make a transfer the counterpart needs to be specified.

After saving, the transactions will automatically be matched and moved to the Matched section.

You can also select on or more transactions on the right hand side and create BAT's of them. If you select more than one , the BATs we create will all have the same tags and if it is a transfer the same counterpart.

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