FX Spot deals accounting - swap points

Created by Teuvo Suoraniemi, Modified on Wed, 22 Nov 2023 at 02:12 PM by Elin Stenrud

FX Spot deals does not (by design) have any swap points, By default the system is therefore not calculating any Interest income/expense on FX Spot deals.

However there are situations where an FX Spot deal can have swap points. One example is when a deal is imported from an FX Trading station.

Follow the steps below if you want to handle the cases where FX spot deals have swap points (without adjusting the deal).

Menu Reports - Custom Measures

Add an custom measure with name 'Interest expense Spot'.

Enter the following Expression

AssetAmount(Iif(Substring([SpotDate],0 ,10 )=Substring([MaturityDate],0 ,10 ), (ToDecimal( [FxFwdPointsAtTransactionStart])/ ToDecimal(10000))*ToDecimal([BaseAmount]), ToDecimal(0)),[PriceCurrency])

Menu Reports 

Untick 'Not isTemplate

'Accounting report 1' - Add column 'Interest expense Spot' twice. Once with display condition 'Greater Than Zero' and once with display condition 'Less Than Zero'

Menu Accounting Amount Types

For Accounting Program Type: FX add the two following lines


Menu Accounting - Accounting rules

Add account numbers for the two new amount types in Rules for FX.

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