Subsidiary Requests set up

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This article describes how to set up and limit the system for a subsidiary user. The subsidiary user will only be able to view deal requests and deals where the legal entity(ies) the user has access to is part of the deal. It is possible to enter FX requests, Loan requests and Commodity requests in the system. Please also see article Subsidiary request FX, Loan & Commodity.

1. Subsidiary user access rights

In Settings / Roles and Permission 

  • Start from the best practice role Subsidiary and make updates to the role if necessary. Alternatively add a new role adapted to your needs, based on the best practice role. 
  • In the Legal Entity tab, access to legal entities is allocated per user. This will restrict the deal entry and other access in the system based on Legal Entity. If no Legal Entity allocated, the user will have access to all legal entities in the system.

2. Deal templates

Set up one or more templates with default values for each deal type and subsidiary. 

Share the template with related roles and users. See article Deal Templates (save, share, update, delete)

Please note, in templates for subsidiary request, change to Subsidiary Request in Mirror Creation Type.

3. Required setting for Legal Entity "Treasury"

Legal Entity "Treasury" needs to be "Internal Bank. The setting is applied in Master Data / Companies / Company Usage.

4. Subsidiary Requests to Price

To price the new request go to Deal action / Subsidiary request.

The request can be priced in the following different ways:

  • Subsidiary request ledger: Manually entering the price directly on the row
  • Subsidiary request ledger: Automatically from imported market data
  • By the Autopilot: Set up Price request rules to set the price automatically from FX Rate table
  • Upload the request to a trading station for pricing   

In system settings there is a possibility to add an additional fee% (spread) that will be added when using the automatic pricing function. 

For FX deals, the fee will be calculated on the FX forward price and be added as additional swap points. 

For Commodity deals, an additional contango/backwardation will be applied.

For Loans, the spread will be updated with the additional fee%.  

5. Reports

Add all subsidiary reports needed e.g. to see outstanding subsidiary requests, month end reports and priced requests.

Share the subsidiary report to the related Subsidiary role. Also see article Reports (create new and change a report)

5. Email alert on subsidiary requests

If needed, a distribution report can be set up to alert related users (trader etc) that requests are pending for pricing. 

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