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It is possible to set up rules to automatically send FX subsidiary requests to a trading station for pricing and execution as an external deal. The rules can be based on Amount, Legal entity, Counterpary, Currencies etc. 

1. Open Settings / Request Rules.

2. Enter a "condition expression" if the FX request should be uploaded depending on the deal Amount. 

3. Choose 360T, FXAll or Nordea as "trading station".

4. Select one of the following as "upload request type"

a. Manually Upload - Add an additional control step and check the deal is correct before it is uploaded to the trading station. All requests are displayed in the "Subsidiary request" view and upload is initiated manually via the view before uploading to the trading station takes place. 

b. Scheduled - Automatically upload all FX requests to the trading station without any check from head quarter. 

c. Priced from market data - The internal FX request is automatically priced from market data and no external deal is executed. The frequency of the pricing is set up in the autopilot.

5. Enter a "selection" to specify which deals to upload.

The example below shows a combination of rules:

  • Rule 1 - All deals below EUR 50 000 will automatically be priced with imported market data
  • Rule 2 - All deals between EUR 50 000 - EUR 150 000 will be sent to 360T to create external deal and price the FX request
  • Rule 3 - All deals above EUR 150 000 need to be checked in Subsidiary request view before the Request is sent to 360T and and external deal is created. 

The user must configure in the trading station whether the external deal is executed automatically or if it should be approved first and if the FX requests should be netted before the external deal is created. 

The "Upload request status" column in the "Subsidiary Request Ledger" shows how the subsidiary requests will be handled.

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