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It is possible to automize your FX hedging completly by executing deals through Nordea trading station. It is possible to create internal FX request that can be uploaded to execute the external back.to-back deal. It is also possible to only upload exteral deal suggestion to create the external deal in Nordea trading station. 

Set up Nordea FX export

Go to Autopilot tab Integration 

  1. Click create new choose  Nordea FX Deal Exporter
  2. In Tab settings add Company ID received from Nordea
  3. Select the typ of deals you want to include in the export Internal FX request, External deal suggestions and or External target balance. 
  4. If you will test in a test enviroment check test enviroment. 
  5. In mappings only select Legal entity and provider code NA no other mappings are needed.
  6. Click on create new choose Nordea  FX importer
  7. In Tab settings add Secret ID End point and Company ID received from Nordea.

Set up Nordea FX import

  1. Click create new choose Nordea FX Deal Importer
  2. In Tab settings add EndPoint received from Nordea and select the date intervall you want to fetch deals from.  
  3. In mappings choose portfolio if activated.  Enter Legal entity and mappings for them and counterparty mapped to Nordea.

Go to credentials and add Nordea API and enter the credentials received from Nordea. Add the credential as secret ID on Nordea FX Exporter integration and FX importer integration

In Activities add both new integrations you just created.

In tab schedule add how often you want to run the activity. 

If you run the export activity it will run both the export and import of deals. It is recommended to schedule the Nordea import as well if you make a deal directly in Nordea trading station or if the created deal is done with a few seconds delay.  

Nordea Import deals mappings

Nordea credentials received from Nordea

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