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Front Office > Deal Registration

You can at any time during the lifetime of a Loan - or any interest rate instrument -change the interest terms. By setting new interest terms it is possible to change day count conventions, periodicity, date rolling behaviour or adjust dates within interest rate periodsAlso, the tags can be changed for the deal. The new interest terms start from a specified date and forward. Hence by adding a new set of terms, unlocking the deal and re-generate all transactions again are not needed. Only the cashflows and transactions after the begin date for the new terms is affected. Only these transactions will contain the new set of terms.  

Transactions- tab > Press button "Terms"

Select a BEGIN DATE for the new terms by selecting a begin date from the drop down.
Any of the following terms can be changed. Note that the tags shown might be different depending on your system setup.

Press OK. This will create new transactions according to the new selected Terms.

Important note: If Accounting and/or Payments are Approved or Exported from the BEGIN DATE of changed terms then this also needs to be reversed in order to be able to amend the terms of the deal!

Important note: When updating the terms, manually added amortizations and capital increase after the begin date will be discarded.

See instructions how to Undo Accounting and Undo Payments:

Undo Accounting

Undo Payments

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