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Modify Tags


Tags can be changed from any given start date (corresponding to a start date for transactions) during a lifetime of a deal. Use of “modify tags” is supported to use for the following Deal Types;


  • Loan/Depo
  • Caps/Floors
  • Leasing Loans
  • IRS
  • Bonds* (see notice below)
  • Credit facilities
  • Fees



Please note that use of icon ”Modify tags” only updates the coupon plan and no other bond transactions (such as ex "sell"). If You want to change tags for other transactions than coupons we recommend use of another article "How to modify a bond" instead. 


How to use function “modify tags”:

  1. Change deal status to “Modified” if not done already. This can be done via the three dots and “change deal status”. In order to change the tags the relevant transactions must be set in status “modify”. Therefore the deal must be set in “modify” before the change (if status is “Confirmed”). 
  2. Select "Modify Tags" by clicking at the icon and a new window (Modify tags) comes up. 
  3. Set begin date for when the change should be settled by choice of Date period in the drop down list for the field "Begin date".  Then add or change the Tags that you want. Any Tags can be changed from chosen start period (Begin date).
  4. Press "OK" and set the deal in "Confirm".


Please note that the change of Tags will only have effect from the chosen date period in 'Begin Date'. 


When done with above we recommend that You use a cashflow report to overview settings of tags per period. Tags needs to be added as columns om the report and we also recommend that You add column “Global ID” to see tags per transaction 

Changes are visible in the report also before the deal is set to confirm again. 

Permissions needed: 

The permission "Modify tags" is needed to change tags on deals. 




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