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Modify Tags

Tags can be changed from any given start date during a lifetime of a deal.

This is possible for the following Deal Types;

  • Loan/Depo
  • Caps/Floors
  • Leasing Loans
  • IRS
  • Bonds (please note that only coupons will be updated) 
  • Credit facilities
  • Fees

Please note that Modify tags will only update coupons and no other bond transactions (such as ex
"sell"). Therefore we recommend the article "How to modify a bond" instead if You want to change tags for a sell, close of a bond. 

1. Select 'Modify Tags by clicking at the icon and a new window comes up.

2. Select Date period in the drop down list for the field "Begin date" to settle begin date for when the changed tag should be valid and then add or change the Tags that you want. Any Tags can be changed from chosen start period (Begin date)

3. Press "OK"

The change of Tags will only have effect from the chosen date period in 'Begin Date'. 

Note; In order to change the Tags the relevant transactions must be unlocked. 

(For example; deal must be unlocked if it is "Confirmed")

Permissions needed:

The permission Modify Tags needed to change Tags on Deals.

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