Payment Feedback status in TS

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It is possible to get feedback status regarding payments in TS. If the payment has been Accepted, Rejected or not received by the bank will then be alerted on the Payment widget on the Start page. Please contact TS support for help to set this up. 

Note, some banks only sends negative feedback message this is decided in each agreement with the bank. We strongly recommend to order both positive and negative feedback for all payments to ensure that the user will be alerted if a payment is not received by the bank. 

To see more details regaring the payment status feedback for each payment open Payments / All payments

Payment has been Accepted by the bank


If the feedback messages from bank is Accepted (see below for different Acceptance codes) the payment widget will still be blue and the Accepted information is possible to see in Pay/ All Payments for each payment

Alert no feedback (within 15 minutes)


If you are using payment through TS bank connections, it is possble to check a system setting to alert if no feedback message has been reveived within 15 minutes. If the payment has not received feedback message the Pay widget on the start page will turn yellow and alert the user to investigate the payment further in Nomentia. 

Payment has been rejected


If a payment is Rejected by the bank the Pay widget till turn red and you need to go to Pay/ All payments to see the error message received from the bank.

Below is a list of all feedback messages 

ACCP = Accepted Customer Profile 

ACSP = Accepted Settlement in Process

ACWC = Accepted with Change

ACSC= Accepted Settlement Completed

PDNG = Pending further Processing

RJCT = Rejection

Ignore payment feedback failed (when payment is Accepted

If a payment has failed and a new payment has been re-sent to the bank and been Accepted it is possible to Ignore the Feedback warning by selecting the failed payment and clicking the icon Disable Feedback warning. The widget on the start page will then ignore and not alert of the failed or overdue payment.

Most common errror message

AC01 IncorrectAccountNumber Account number is invalid or missing

BE04| ISO Missing Creditor Address

RR07| ISO Remittance Information Invalid

AC03| ISO Invalid Creditor Account Number

RC10| ISO Invalid Creditor Clearing System Member Identifier

RC07| ISO Invalid Creditor Bank Identifier

NARR| CAP Credit account number must be stated as IBAN

AM11| ISO Invalid Transaction Currency

NARR| CAP Amount is not present or cannot be zero

AM04| Insufficient Funds 

AM09| ISO Wrong Amount

DT05| Invalid Cut Off Date

DT06| ISO Execution Date has been modified in order for transaction to be processed

All this payment status changes are logged in our event log and to find a specific payment status changes it is

possible to search using e.g. paymentID or RJCT. See below

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