General description of included roles

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Description of the roles that are predefined in the set up and some pointers what to consider. You can yourself set up new roles or change the existing ones.

All users get the role Everyone when they log in to the system. All users that should use the system should have the role Read Only in order do be able to navigate around in the system.


This role gives the user the right to approve and export accounting, create unrealized accounting, also the maintenance around accounting such as updating chart of accounts, accounting rules and mirror rules.

Note that this role has Force accounting status, which gives the user the right to take a transaction, no matter what status and set the accounting status to exported. This is useful during the implementation phase when you might have a lot of old transactions.


This role is given to everyone that logs in to the system and have no permissions at all. We recommend that it should remain empty. 

Note This role should never be removed.


This role gives the user access to everything in the system. We recommend to have this during the implementation but after go live we recommend that role is removed from the user.


This role is designed to fit typical back office tasks. Such as confirm, modify and cancel deals, import and update bank balances, payment  and netting rules. Permission to do fixing and set up default bank accounts.

Note this role includes permission to approve no payment. That means that this role can approve all payments that are NOT being exported to the bank.  

Read only

Gives the user the right to see everything in the system but not register or change anything. This role is recommended to give to all users in the system. Note that this role has permission also to read the event log. 


This role is designed so that a user can only run reports that has been shared with a subsidiary user/role.

Note If a subsidiary user do not have the role everyone, the user will not be able to see the field legal entity and counterpart i selections.

System Administrator

This role can do most of the set up in the system, create new report columns, tags can import market data manually and set up the integrations. This user alos get read and share rights to all reports, tags and deal templates. If the user created the template, report or tag is unavailable (is sick, has left the company or change user login) the system administrator is able to share the access to another users.
If the user that should have the System Administrator rights today does not want to see other users reports, then add a separate role System Owner and add the additional permissions to that role instead. 


This role is designed for the trader, to register deals , as long as the deal have status New possibility to do changes.

User Manager

This role can update roles by adding and removing permissions. and assign roles to different users. If you have this role you can see all users and their roles, if not you can only see yourself.   

TS Support

This is the role that all personnel at Treasury System gets by default first time they login. If this role is removed from TS personnel it will not be added again. At start this role includes only permissions to handle permissions (Update Permission and User Manager). Previously we added Update Permission and User manager to this role in connection to upgrades but that has now been changed and no permissions to this role are added. The customer decides what they think should be suitable for TS staff to have access to.


There are two permissions that are not included in any roles (except Everything) Approve payments and Update bank accounts. 

Besides this roles there are system roles that needs to be in able to run the system.

Auto Pilot

This role is used to run certain activities automatically in TS, such as import and export of data.


Used by the application to create new user and roles. This user also logsoff users from the application. 

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