How to delete a user

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If a user should not have access to the system, the user can be deleted.

This is done in the view Roles & Permissions and the user performing this deletion need to have the permission 'Remove User'.

The permission 'Remove User' needs to be added directly to the user and not to a role as in the picture below.

The user with permission to 'Remove User' then mark the user that should be deleted and klick the 'minus'-sign ('Remove User')


It is a soft delete which means that the user and its roles is deleted from the system. Everything that the user has done in the system, register deals , creating reports etc will all remain in the system.

If a deleted users will log in again the same User ID will be re-activated but Roles/Permissions need to be set again, i.e. in the same manner as done for a completely new user.

Depending on your companys set up of AD rights the user might be able to login to the system, but will then not have any permissions or roles. The user will not be able to do anything in the system. If your company have set up a AD (active directory) group for users that should be able to login to the system and the user is removed from the AD group they will not be able to login to the system either. . 

Note if the user have user permissions (permission added directly to user and not to a role) they need to be removed manually. Otherwise the permission will remain on the user if the user logs in again after being deleted.

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