Netting Rules

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Back Office > Payments > Payment Settings > Netting Rule

Here you set up a rule for how payments should or should not be netted. Here you can also setup a rule for payments that should not be included i the payment file because, for instance- that the bank will withdraw automatically or the payments from this account needs to be made manually. 

1. Make the selection for the different payments, for example on Counterparties and/or Deal types. Select neetting types (listed below). Write a comment to remember what the rules was for.

Netting Types 

  1. Net : Groups netting by Date, Asset and sender/receiver Accounts. 
  2. Gross : In addition to "Net", also groups netting by sending/receiving amount (+/-) 
  3. Single : One cash flow will be one payment.
  4. Net by Deal : Net cash flow within the same deal id.
  5. Manual : Same as Netting Type Single, but payment will NOT be exported. 
  6. AutoDebNet: Selected cash flows will be netted and and the amount will be auto debited. No payment will be exported
  7. AutoDebGross: Selected cash flows will be netted by sign, positive amount will be summed and negative amounts will be summed separately. No payment will be exported
  8. AutoDeb: Selected cash flows will be auto debited, one by one. No payment will be exported.
  9. ManualNet: Selected casch flows will be Netted and set to Manual. No payment will be eported. 

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