Tag Rules

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In order to reduce errors and mistakes in deal input rules regarding which tags should be shown, is required and which values that are allowed.

Set up tag rules in Settings/Set up / Tag Rules

In tag rules selection can be made on 

  • Portfolio
  • Deal type
  • Specific template

 In details it is possible to decide if the tag should be 

  • Required- The tag must be filled in. If only one value is chosen that value will be set. If multiple values, they are shown in the drop down list.
    • If the deal is entered manually within Treasury systems the user will not be able to save the deal before the tag is entered. 
    • If the deal is imported from a CSV import  the import will fail. 
    • If the deal is imported from a trading station, the deal will be imported but will not be able to be confirmed.
  • Optional- Limit tag value list. The tags will be shown and is possible to fill in, chosen values are shown in drop down list. If no value is chosen all values will be shown.
  • Counterparty - possible to limit the counterparty list per Counterpart 

Note for instruments with several counterparts i.e Bonds and Commercial Papers it is restricted in master data on company type as Issuer, IPA , Custodian and Broker.

Note, All tags that should be shown for the instrument needs to be added in the lower part e.g. Comments if that should be shown for all instrument it needs to be added in tag definition for all rules. 

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