Master data set up - Define Tags

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Register > Master Data > Tags

In Master Data / Tags you can define your own tags,  e.g. project, risk, property, vessel, accounting, department, product, rating or whatever suits the need for you company.

The tags are used for selection criteria for reports and accounting.

When creating a new tag choose what type of TAG to be created:

  • List Tags:  It is only possible to choose one of several configured values set up in the section "Values"

  • Text Tags: The tag can be any text at all (Max content 50 characters)

There are several system tags that comes with the system:

The system tags are: 


Tag name 
Legal entity 
The entity initiating a deal 

Entity account send 
The account which the entity pay from 
Entity account receive 
The account to which the entity receive payment to 
Counterpart account send 
The account which the entity pay to (counterpart receive) 
Counterpart account receive
The account which the entity receive from (counterpart send) 
External id 
For imported deals this is the Id in the external system from where it was imported,
 "external ref" in CRM Webforms
External source 
For imported deals this is the system it was imported from, "external source" in
CRM Webforms 

Each tag value can be associated with a color, this allows you to upload company logos so that company names can be more easily recognized. 

The different type of tags that can be used are the following:

* Deal Part Tag (used to mark deals with info needed for reports or accounting rules etc)

* Forecast Tag (used for forcast transactions)

* Statement Entry Tag (used for bank account statement transactions)

* Company Tag (used for ratings, business areas, regions etc).

Below is an example of setting up a Company Tag:

Choose List tag, then give your tag a name. Description and colour is not mandatory. Then go to tab Values and enter the different values of the Tag using the + sign.

Selecting "Is company tag" makes it possible to TAG the companies in the Master Data - Companies. By doing so you can create Ratings for different companies, Business areas, or Regions like Europe, North America etc. 

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