Companies and Bank accounts

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All internal and external companies connected to financial deals and bank accounts such as Treasury, Subsidiary, Banks, Account Holding banks, Broker, Issuer etc should be entered here. 

Please note, if using Nomentia for Bank Account Statement import and Payments export, master data such as Internal Companies and associated Bank Accounts will be replicated in Nomentia via automatic sync of master data from Treasury Systems to Nomentia. The set up of master data sync is handled by TS consultants and must be in place before adding new Companies and Bank accounts to work with automation.

Please contact your TS consultant to ensure that master data sync is up and running before continuing with the following steps. 

Please note, if four eye permission is activated on bank accounts, adding new or change bank accounts must be handled in Master data view and not in Company view. 

Use the + sign to add a new company. 

It is recommended that you first enter the external account holding banks since bank related data is required when entering bank accounts. "Nomentia Bank Connection Point" must be selected for banks that will be handled via Nomentia (account statement import and payment export).

TAB Details

  1. Add new company. Enter the companies name, email, organisation number (mandatory if payment files should be sent and/or master data synced to Nomentia), description.
  2. Booking currency, mandatory important for all internal companies. 
  3. Company Tags, select both legal entity and counterparty for all internal companies within the group and only counterparty for  external. 
  4. Company type, internal for all companies within the group and external for all external banks. 
  5. Company usages: Account holding bank for all banks that the group have bank accounts in. Issuer for all counterparties which are issuing commercial papers or bonds, Issuing and Paying Agent if relevant.

TAB Address is optional but it is recommended to enter Country Code and Country.  

TAB Bank Account includes all bank accounts used in deals. This TAB also holds the SSI's per counterparty. 

  1.  Use the + sign to add a bank account
  2.  Give the bank account a name (unique name per entity). Suggestion; Bank + Currency + type of account + Legal entity 
  3. Choose Bank from the drop down list. Only Companies marked with the company usage Account holding bank will be shown
  4. Choose currency 
  5. If needed choose sort code (e.g. clearing no, ABA no etc.) Enter 9900 if BG and 9960 if PG payment.
  6. Enter the account no
  7. Enter IBAN 
  8. Enter BIC
  9. Enter correspondent BIC if relevant
  10. Enter the country code where the account is located. (For example SE for Sweden) Must be same as the first 2 letters in IBAN
  11. If you have entered a sort code, a clearing institute is often necessary (e.g. SESBA for plus- and bank giro)
  12. Mark if the account is a Top account
  13. Select type of cash pool
  14. Enter a description on the account

Enter a bank account in Master Data. If four eye permission is activated for bank accounts Master Data menu is the only way to add/change a bank account.  

Add additional information such as IBAN No if applicable, change BIC code if not the same as the BIC code fetched from the value stated in field BANK. If internal bank account add cash pool if applicable.

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