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The confirm view “Confirm deals” is found within the Widget “Confirm” at the start meny in TS. It gives an entire overview of all deals and deal-related events. There is also a link to each deal (deal meny) if more detailed information is needed.  


Confirm Report 

The Confirm Deals Report is a Customizable System Report, which means that it has its own selection, columns and settings that can be changed by the user. The selection can be found under the three dots (see details below). The Confirm Report is a Transaction report but Grouped by Deal by default, with possibility to select Deals instead of transactions. 


Use checkboxes on the Deal Group Headers to Select Deals for confirmation. The user is only able to confirm deals. Transactions belonging to a selected deal will be shown as checked if the deal is checked but transactions can not be selected and confirmed individually in this view. 


A - Check/uncheck all deals You can use this function if you would like to mark all deals at once. Tick the box and all deals will be marked. If only one deal is marked in the list below it becomes inactive (as in the prt scrn). 

B - Confirm The deals that are checked will be confirmed and move to the next step in the process. (tick one or more deals of Your choice).  

C- Accounting Navigate to accounting, shows the accounting for the checked deal

D- Refresh Refresh the view

E- Click on the three dots to see more alternatives:

  1. Selection Navigates to the selection view, if you would like to narrow down or expand the selection av deals that are shown.
  2. Columns If you would like to add or remove columns from the Confirm view.
  3. Settings Navigates to the settings view where you can change measuring period and so on.


F- Transaction Drill-Down 

Clicking the > arrow will drill down and show each deals transaction. Confirming the deal will in also confirm these transactions.  

K - Navigate to Deal 

The user can navigate to a specific deal from the confirm view by clicking on the deal Id Header Id Link (marked in blue). 


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