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The primary use for the event log is to investigate changes in deal, master data or permissions and extract reports with information to auditors. 

Audit / Events:

To filter the needed information in the event log start enter the text in a column in the first empty field. % can be used before and after text if it starts or ends with some other information. 

Today not all columns are possible to filter on in the event log. If that is the case, extract it to Excel and do the filter in the Excel spread sheet. 


Make the filer selection in Eventlog

  1. Right click and choose Print
  2. Click icon Export to excel
  3. Click on a cell in the table & click Ctrl+T
  4. Filer the needed information in Excel


Below are a list of some of the commonly asked changes and how to filter them in the Eventlog. 

Deal changes 

  • Who entered and when
  • If someone changed the deal and when
  • Who approved the deal 
  • Has it been re-opened
  • Accounting and payment status changes


Search for changes done by a user 

Enter the users email adress in column users (no Capital letters) 


Search for entered New deals & changed deals 

Enter DealsParts in column Entity type

Changes in user Permission and Roles

Type RolePermission in EntityType to find all changes

Changed deal and Type reason

Type the reason and it is possible to use % in that column - Arguments


All Confirmed deals

Enter %Confirmed in column Arguments

Dealparts in column Entity type


Change Bank accounts

Enter "Accounts" in column Entity-type 

If it is a specific account you want to find changes, for example type "%123XXX" (any part of the account number that you know) in Arguments to find the specific account.



Enter Codings in column Entity type 

Accounting ID in Entity Key value

Master data - Companies

To see all changes done in master data on companies, name (%Name) , legal name (%LegalName), email (%Email), country (%CountryCode), org no (%OrganizationNumber). description (%Description), BIC (%BIC), address (%Street)etc.

Enter Companies in Entity type

%text in argument


Different numbers

Deal ID - Entity type Deals

Transaction ID - Transactions

Dealpart ID - Deal part

Accounting ID - Codings

Payments - Payment ID


New deals 

DealParts - Entity type

New and updated


  1. Print
  2. Export to excel
  3. Ctrl+T
  4. Search in Excel


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