Custom measures - how to create calculated columns

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Middle Office > Reports > Custom Measures

You can create your own calculated columns that will be available in all reports.

To add a column, click on Add:

  1. Name: Give the column a name
  2. Data type
    1. System.Date time - Date format
    2. System.Int32- Integer (whole number)
    3. System.string- a text
    4. System.Int64- Integer (whole number)
    5. CRM.Finance.AssetAmount
    6. System decimal- number with decimals
    7. CRM.Finance.InterestRate
    8. CRM.Finance.Web.Models.Asset
  3. Category
    1. Date
    2. MasterData
    3. Days
    4. Amount
    5. MarketData
    6. Status
    7. Bankinformation
  4. Display format (Default Display)
    1. Date and Time
      1. D - Date
      2. T - Time
      3. F- Both date and time
    2. Numerics
      1. D-Integer
      2. Cx- Currencies, x is number of decimals.
      3. Nx- Number, x is number of decimals.
      4. Px -Percentage,x is number of decimals.
  5. Expression Editor
  6. Support Consolidated
  7. Support Allocated
  8. Support Realised mode
  9. Default aggregation operation
    1. Default
    2. None
    3. Totals
    4. Sum
    5. Average
    6. Count
    7. WeightedAverage
    8. Min
    9. Max
    10. Distinct - Displays a value on the aggregated level if all underlying rows have the same value.
      As in example below. All rows have deal type 'Loan' therefore Loan is displayed on the aggregated level,
    11. CustomExpression
    12. PercentageOfTotal
    13. PercentageOfOtherColumn
  10. Is system restricted

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