How to set up Time buckets i reports

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In Treasury Systems you can easily look at numbers in a report divided into Time buckets.

The most common periods are predefined

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

But it is also possible to customize your own time buckets Custom time buckets

After setting up the report with the information you need, go to the columns tab.

The columns that are possible to split have the setting Split into Time buckets. Check the box to activate.  

Note! To make the column less wide, press return after the name in the header field

Then go to the Settings Tab and press Add time bucket

A new field will be shown and there you can choose the predefined times or chose custom

Columns with Allocated setting will show the allocated amount to the specific time bucket. If allocated is unchecked the amount will be shown in the time bucket it matures

  • Period Interest Amount
  • Period Fee Amount
  • Expected Period Interest Amount
  • Premium / Discount

The amount will be shown in the time bucket it matures

  • Total repayment
  • Cash Flow Amount

The outstanding amount at the time bucket end date will be shown

  • Facility Limit
  • Facility Used
  • Facility Unused
  • Base Amount
  • Closing Balance

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