Accounting in Reports

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It is possible to extract accounting and accounting information in so called Accounting Reports in TS. The information could for example be used to reconcile the accounting in the ERP system with the accounting created in TS, or useful to investigate any differences. The Report Type is Accounting Report.

As for other TS reports it is possible to do quick export to excel to get a clean excel file to easier compare with information in ERP system. It is possible to sort and filter directly in the report, and also possible to add information for all configured dimensions (Cost center, Profit center etc.). 

Create New Report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Add Report 
  3. Select Template for Accounting Report 
  4. Add a name for the report
  5. Choose in which Category the report should be saved
  6. Press Ok
  7. Save the report


  • In Measuring Period choose for which Accounting Due Dates you wish to run the report for, preferably use date codes such as FDOPM and LDOPM. 


In the Selection Tab you can select on

  • Legal Entity, one or several
  • Accounting Status, i.e. Error, Incomplete, Preliminary, Approved, Exported
  • Accounting Type, i.e. Realized, Unrealized and/or Reversed Unrealized
  • Accounts where you either use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple accounts, or leave empty for all accounts


The columns available are limited to columns related to Accounting and all available columns are shown if pressing Add Column. 

Example of Report columns available;

  • Global id
  • Deal ID
  • Legal entity
  • Account (General Ledger Account)
  • Debit / credit
  • Original amount
  • Accounting amount
  • FX rate accounting booking rate
  • Dimensions (e.g. profit center, project)
  • Accounting Program (i.e. Deal Type)
  • Accounting Rule
  • Amount type (e.g. Interest income/expense, FX Profit/Loss, Nominal Amount)  
  • Accounting Status (e.g. Preliminary, Approved, Exported)
  • Accounting Type (e.g. Realized, Unrealized, Reverse Unrealized)
  • Event time (e.g. Payment Date, Maturity Date, Unrealized)
  • Due date (payment date, maturity date, month end date)  
  • Accounting currency
  • Opening Balance and Closing Balance

Below is an Example of an Accounting Report with both Opening and Closing Balances per Account,as well as the change during the measuring period:

Below is an example of an Accounting Report grouped n Accounting Program Type and Account

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