How-to Update Accounting

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The accounting rules are applied as soon as you press save on a new deal. The accounting can be viewed by clicking on the icon Accounting in the toolbar. If the accounting for some reason is wrong and need to be updated there are three ways of doing the update. 

Update the deal 

1. If the deal have just been entered in the system the easiest way to update the accounting is change something on the deal and Press Save. The accounting will then be updated. For deal type Loan, IRS, and Swaption you need to click regenerate and change the e.g. Deal date, Click finish and click regenerate again and change back the Deal date. 

Note, If you have updated interest rates or added amortisations and/or capital increase on the loan this will be deleted when you press regenerate. Then it is better to update the accounting from accounting view. Follow the steps in 2. below. 

2. Open Accounting view if the deal you need to update are in error, incomplete or preliminary select the transactions you want to update and click update accounting. If the accounting are in tab Approved you need to undo Approve before doing the update in TAB preliminary. If the accoutning is exported you need to do both undo export and undo approve before the accounting can be updated in TAB preliminary    

3. If you need to update all accounting on a certain accounting rule this can be done in the accounting Rule view.

Choose the rule that you would like to update the accountings for, by clicking on it. Press update accounting . Enter a from date in the pop up.  All transactions that have had that rule  will depending on changes either choose a different rule or update the changes on the rule.

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